On Leadership

There are two kinds of leaders: one, who sees you yet passes by without acknowledging your presence and the other, who spots you from a distance, looks at you and makes sure to give you an honest, affable smile, come rain and shine.

Disseminating big words is easy but practicing them takes a lifetime. True leadership is a fine concoction of principles, integrity, unbiased disposition and standing up for what’s right.

When we talk about organizations with great culture, we will always find its origin at the top level that naturally cascades down to the bottom.

We humans, our minds are tricky. Our fight-or-flight response do not cease to exist at any point, which is why we constantly learn what works best for survival—whether in workplace or life in general.

People observe and mimic behaviors—good, bad or ugly. If manipulation and backbiting are the antics displayed by leaders, it is only obvious those on the lower rung of company ladder will start displaying similar behavior in no time.

It is quite fascinating to find organizations with lofty statements: big on words, shallow in actions.

No values, no mission shall work till there is trust deficit.

Quoting Toffler, Taleb or Thurrow has never made anybody great unless the leader has truly learned the ropes of leadership.

Until the leadership does not reverberate with “one in mind” approach, which means leading organization together with its people, while looking after their growth, trusting them, showing compassion and giving a heart-felt smile—they will never believe in the company ethos or trust their leader or go an extra mile for their organization.

Photo by George Becker from Pexels

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