A Novel Change: Where Do We Go from Here?

Welcome to this extraordinary epoch of new-normal. The three-syllable word has come to resonate with a profound change that is happening in the world today—redefining our outlook and putting our life into perspective—on our existence; our relationships; our ambitions and accomplishments.

At such times, the word, unprecedented, has found a special place in our everyday language. And truly so. Never had seen before, across the world, people uniting in suffering and in prayers. In the wake of adversity, we can find ourselves in the most pensive, philosophical self, contemplating our priorities and questioning how far we have gone without caring about the world we live in.

Talk about economic crisis, climate catastrophes, geopolitical tensions, wars and crimes, humans kept marching ahead, plundering, abusing, razing everything that came its way. For us, it was always about producing, consuming, and hoarding everything in excess. Our self-interest and selfish actions had no limitations. Greed, self-indulgence, hedonism. The list goes on.

The global pandemic was a wake-up call for all humanity—to rise above pettiness, egotistic behavior and blame game, and to become compassionate, do things that are uplifting to our spirits and make a way for abundance for everyone.

Our mornings now begin with a calming silence and days continue with bird songs. Butterflies are a common sight and so is the blue sky, nature has always given us in bounty. She is observant and tolerant about human doings and shows her willingness to coexist with us. Yet, time to time, nature does her balancing act. If we do not take a conscious responsibility to protect her, we will soon have to pay the price. Disasters, outbreak, calamity, humans will face the consequences, time and again.

We are telling each other that time will never be the same again in the post-pandemic world. Perhaps, we will treat our earth with care and tenderness; be kinder toward fellow humans and consider the needs of the other person before we think about ours. And we hope to continue with our hygiene practice as we do now and take cleanliness our priority.

Whether the changes that we experience during this time will continue forward will solely rest upon us. There are no overnight solutions. Rome wasn’t built in a day. But little proactive and responsible steps will lead to bigger transformation.

If we make a conscious movement toward making the world a better place, our efforts will certainly see the light of the day.

Image: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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