Salvage the child in you. Stay in awe. Be a dreamer!


As an adult, when was the last time you did something, unwary of what the world might think of you?  Have you ever endlessly stared at the sky in wonder? Have you seen in amazement at your own life taking its course, and found yourself truly caring about something and loving someone deeply? When was the last time you laughed like a child without thinking that the world might take you as a fool, and talked in a childlike disposition without thinking that you might sound gullible? Did you ever believe in your dreams so strongly that it came true beyond your wildest imagination?

Perhaps, these questions may strike you as fanciful, but you know what, they help you rediscover the things that you always wanted to pursue, but never dared to, the ability to think without limiting yourself. This kind of soul-searching enables you to rekindle the child in you and allows you to see the beautiful things of life with your heart. As the fox in this joyful, spiritually uplifting book reveals, ‘You only see clearly with your heart. The most important things are invisible to your eyes.’
At first instance, you may think this little book with cute illustrations and 111 pages is meant for children. But, as you dig deeper, turning the pages, perusing, you understand how deeply enlightening, it is for us – the adults.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the French writer, and aviator have rendered a heartwarming story of a boy, inspired by his own experiences when he had a near fatal crash in the Sahara desert. The narrative reflects Saint-Exupery’s own life, his childhood memories, and his motivation to draw his first art, but retreating when his parents couldn’t understand his zest for creativity and thinking that his work isn’t good enough, he gives up on art. His particular understanding of adults is that they aren’t perceptive, they need explanations and need to be handled with patience by kids.

It was funny to read a line, where the author honestly writes, that grown ups always need explanations and they care about numbers. Adults wouldn’t appreciate if a house has beautiful geraniums growing on the window sill, but they would quickly understand its worth when they know the value is $1 million. The author questions if adults are really perceptive. To test that, he would show his drawing that he drew back when he was a six year old and ask what they see in that picture. Not to his surprise, his grown up friends could never really grasp the beauty of things. And, over the years, nothing really changed his view of the grown ups.

This book contains lessons on friendship, deep love, loneliness, and the capacity to appreciate things that are with you.

Sometimes beautiful things are invisible to the eyes, but if you open your heart, you can always find what lies beneath.

On numerous occasions, I came across this book in the form of recommendation, or reference. And, I had longed to read it. Finally, one fine day, I got hold of this gem of a book while surfing a bookstore. So much did I cherish reading this through out. I cannot express.
I would only say that’s it’s a truly beautiful book meant for everyone – the young and the old. You will take your own lesson from this book, but it will leave a deep imprint of that Little Prince in your mind.


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