Pay your gratitude. It’s long overdue.

Life may not be short, but it is unpredictable

We all know how much we take our life for granted. We know how much we have lost some precious moments lamenting about things that we couldn’t own. We kept on whining while we drifted slowly unknowingly from those who meant something to us.

But, it’s no good that you regret over the bygones. What’s gone is gone. What matters the most is that you do something about your present. You pay your gratitude. That’s what you should do today!

Appreciate what you have. Value those who means so much to you. It was never and never will be a shame to express your sentiments to them.

Go home today. Thank your parents who gave you the liberty of education. Not many can pursue it. It’s a luxury.

Appreciate your colleague or your boss who picks on you. Thank him for his help, even if that was too minute to consider. He did and he could do in his limited understanding.

Tell that one person who means the world to you a word of affection. Few things are better said than anything else.

Whatever you are today was never because of your lone effort. Someone chose you, someone allowed you, someone took care of you, someone thought highly of you, someone appreciated you. That’s why you exist where you stand now.

Pay your gratitude because you owe a lot!

Gratitude is a beautiful practice. It is a wonderful way to acknowledge the blessings we have received in our life.

It displays our ability to take into account life’s circumstances with happiness & courage.

A way of telling ourselves that we must never forget to value those people who have helped us in each phase of our life.

We thank those who weren’t so good to us, yet taught us some meaningful life lessons.

We give regard to our life that may not have been favorable at all times, but we were strong enough to deal with them every time.

Thank yourself. Thank your own life!

It certainly makes you a better person and a happier person. You are content than ever.

You understand that every little thing that came in your life and things that didn’t work out was for a reason.
This had a purpose. So, we must be thankful for everything that has ever happened to us, good, bad or ugly.

Gratitude goes a long way.

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