The slow death…let it not happen to you

I see you look comfortable
Even when you are trapped and life sucked out of you

Encircled by those devoid of compassion and kindness
Makes you question your worth, time to time

Feeling dejected and lifeless

Unkind, to others and to yourself, you are

Unaware that this a slow death for your soul

I see, you no more smile
Little flowers and the bright sunshine made you happy, a while ago

Engulfed by radiance and a charm that attracted many

You yearn for the one who never fails to rob you of your freedom

The freedom of happiness, the freedom of being the real you

You have ignored your essence of being

Let it not happen to you.

This is a slow death for your soul

I know, you were once courageous

To put up with a fight

Even when you were the only one against the entire world

To stand up for things

That made a difference to your life

To not act out of convenience, but boldly

Pursuing those that builds up dreams

A prisoner of your mind

It’s time for you to escape

Breaking the shackles of comfort

With a standalone spirit

Here is the true quintessence of your life

To live a life that is no more passive

To not please anyone

Truly, not at the cost of your happiness anymore

Let it not happen to you

The slow death of your beautiful soul

Image source: unsplash

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