Stroke the artist in you

After a lot of YouTube tutorials and pocket full of inspiration, I pulled up my socks and decided to dabble in some watercolor art today. I assembled my paints, the tools, and the entire paraphernalia, and boy, the joy I felt in that moment.

To fill up the blank space with cheerful colors, naïve brushstrokes, and experiment with different techniques on the go, I was able to spend this afternoon in an unusually productive way.

As tiny dots and loose splashes manifested into tangible shapes, the child in me knew how delighted I was in that act of creativity. Ah! I may not be able to pull off those feather-light strokes, like a professional watercolorist, but should I be any less happy?

When I saw the first wash of my blue turning into that bright sky. Like a child I was in awe of the magic 🙂

Isn’t it beautiful enough to just let yourself feel and let it release through the expression of your gentle mind and delicate soul?

Is it important to be perfect?

Can we not shed our inhibitions for a moment and express our imperfections through the art we choose?

Can we just pause and breathe?

And who are we to judge ourselves all the time?

With each stroke, I contemplated over those thoughts. And my answer may differ from yours. Yet I believe that there is an artist in each of us, who is happily sitting, sleeping, deep in its slumber. Who knows, that artist is ready to wake up and fill your life with joy, hunger, and inspiration?

So, let the creative energy flow and take its shape. Let it meander, make its way and manifest in its own way.

Win over those strange thought patterns and mental blocks that derail and deviate you from picking up your art.

Choose to enjoy the ride. Dance to the tune of life. And stroke that artist in you, every now and then.

Who knows that artist is ready to wake up and fill your life with joy, hunger and inspiration?

Words of Gratitude

I want to say my special thanks to the amazing YouTube artist makocino. She is awesome and makes such easy-to-draw videos that you feel like an artist already!

Thanks to this particular video—the direct source of my watercolor art for the day.

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