An Ode to Brilliance, Art and Legacy

Why some people leave a powerful impact long after they die?

I sat on my chair for a long time, thinking hard, trying to articulate my thoughts.

I looked for words, desperately wanting to write, as I soaked up the news on the passing away of a versatile artiste, the multifaceted man, and the one with a poker face—Irrfan Khan.

I had so much that I wanted to talk about—the rare phenomenon that he was.

People like him leave an unforgettable impression, long after they are gone. With an incredible body of work and masterpieces they produce in their lifetime, they become irreplaceable—making their admirers desire for more.

A talent gone too soon. I thought to myself.

He still had that magic that could mesmerize his audience—like a magician wearing a cape and waving his wand to bring out beautiful performances.

He possessed a subtlety and candor in his acting. He could blend his emotions in unison to deliver a powerful act and move his spectators in a profound way, while making every bit of it seem effortless.

His portrayal of complex characters brought a cathartic experience for his viewers, whether in the form of Roohdar in Haider or Saajan Fernandes in The Lunchbox or that distraught father in Madaari.

Each time he would appear on the silver screen, he would enthrall us.

Truly. There was so much left to do.

His death felt like a personal loss. Like many, I didn’t know him in person, but a deep connection had formed with him through his stories and through his personable roles.

If grief meant anything, it is because he brought so much joy in our lives. You grieve over someone who had brought happiness into your world. In Irrfan’s case, it was his performance that gave us a sense of familiarity and belongingness.

A strange feeling of knowing him well.

Why some people can make a lasting impact and create meaningful differences in the lives of millions?

They allow individuals to believe that he and she can be a part of this grand world and contribute something valuable and profound.

They embody someone who would never belittle others in their own greatness.

They let their fellow human beings feel visible and shine.


They unite us all with a collective goal—to bring love, joy, beauty, creativity in everything we do and leave behind a timeless legacy.

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