Hello Spring and My Good Old Friends!

Spring is always a wonderful time to watch out for. The world around you comes to life, turning so vivid and colorful. Lanes are filled with pretty flowers and so are the public parks, streets, and boulevards. If you own a garden, you wouldn’t blink before you buy some for yourself. Phlox, Petunia, Pansy, Lily, Dianthus, Ranunculus; they turn your world into a happy place filled with their colors and growth.

Here are a few flowers that I captured in my neighborhood park. After a great amount of labor put into digging, sowing, watering the seedlings, the results can be seen through these blossoms. A shout-out to all those who are involved in this noble work!


Such a remarkable display of Mother Nature!


Plants have always been an intimate part of my life because my mum used to grow her own vegetable and flower garden, wherever we had resided. It was not until a year back that my fondness for these sweet little things took a turning point. I realized that plants and trees have a special meaning in my life. I had never observed them in the way I do now. Cannot stop saying how beautiful they are. There are varieties of flowers that grow throughout the year. Spring is one such season, where you see abundance everywhere. Before the summer arrives, spend some time with your flora, talk to them, stroke them gently and you will be amazed to see how methodically they unfold themselves.

In another episode, I have been hearing peculiar sounds in the morning, like a constant chatter. At times, it turns quite violent and there is a non-stop muttering. Turns out I have visitors on my porch —the Jungle Babblers. They visit me every day in a group of five or six. They feed on insects from my potted plants. Keeps my plants insects-free.

Meet my good old friend- the Jungle Babbler

This spring brought flowers and bird friends who drop by when they please…

What is your Springtime story?


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