Arts, Books & Curios of Kathmandu

Little things of life give me immense joy.
Like buying a silk scarf from the flea market or picking up few peonies to liven up the home or just gaze at the pretty window displays as I walk past some lovely shops. There are so many ways to find joy. Don’t you think that? Often these moments are unplanned and catch us unaware, making us happy when we had least expected. I have found that traveling is one way to find the small extraordinary moments of your life.
I go out and take a pause…
I realize that ordinary things of daily life can surprise you in amazing ways. I hear the birds singing, but it is when I go out to the mountains, their voices astonish me. I see the blue sky in my usual days, but gape at the scattered colors of the setting sun.

How wonderful it is to find small wonders around the corner and everywhere!

Last year when I had visited Nepal, I went to Thamel; a prime area in Kathmandu for eating, drinking and shopping. This is the place where you find all the mountaineering gear, hippie crowd, Tibetan handicrafts, souvenir shops and a number of bookstores for a bibliophile’s delight. This is the place, where you can find amazing fettuccine pasta to binge and papier-mache art for your collection.
Whatever you are looking for, you will find something for yourself.
Here are a few things I captured while taking a stroll in the Thamel market.

First these…

Spotted this shop while walking from Lazimpat to Thamel
Inside the store
Handmade Paper
All handmade
That’s the store! Good collection of handcrafted paper items

Then, I stumble upon a few bookstores…


For someone who loves mountains as much as the books
These could come in handy for the trekkers!
These are found almost everywhere
A fridge magnet, probably


Treasure of maps! The shop is known by the name Map Centre

Next…the art and craft

Thangka paintings for sale
Ladies out there!


Quite a number of things!

And, last for the best.
That I should have bought some of them…something I realized much later.
Here goes my favorite picture!

Lovely bone china pieces!


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