Wandering in the Himalayas: Peace & Solitude

Every time I need a change and I want to break away from the monotony of my life, I just close my eyes. And, my mind quietly takes me to the place where my heart belongs. The visualization is so rich and vivid, I can see myself standing in the middle of a panoramic landscape. In a pure Elysian land.

I feel a strong presence of my being. The mind suddenly becomes clear, uninterrupted and unadulterated by any thoughts. There is just absolute stillness. This kind of silence doesn’t haunt me rather, there is a sense of liberation that makes me wonder if I have actually found enlightenment. Peace settles in the air and there is a perfect moment of bliss. I am in a state of mind that will remain unaffected by any influences. This is rare and extraordinary.

They are craggy, rugged and jagged. Yet, I am allured even by a little sight of that face. Their powerful presence has a calming effect on me. Like a sedative.

Maybe that’s the reason time and again, I try to escape to the distant land of the Himalayas. To receive some doses of tranquility and some soulful experiences.

Yes, they are mighty and they seem detached and unwelcoming. Yet, their existence is something you cannot deny. My affair with the Himalayas started way back in 2009 when I first visited the foothills of Himachal Pradesh. Thereafter, started my series of escapades, road trips, and trails. I have established a profound connection with these seemingly strange mountains and as long as I live my time on this earth, I intend to come back to them time to time.

Img 2
Dhankar Village at 3894 m
Img 3
The Kee Monastery silhouettes against the azure sky. Altitude: 4166 m

Traveling through the terrain, I spot something from a distance. As I draw near to it, I find an ancient building perched atop precariously on the edge. It stands with pride, knowing its importance, overshadowing those stark, surrounding hills. Suddenly, a mysterious, beautiful humming reverberates in the cold, mountainous air.

“Om Mane Padme Hum, Om mane Padme Hum”

Then, I hear the monks in maroon robes chanting vigorously.

The Calling…

I see simplicity everywhere. The local folks I saw and met, their faces were brimming with youthful energy. They had an unpretentious disposition. I believe this has what attracted me at the first sight. And, it’s funny I was getting used to the stillness.

When you are in this land, time just comes to a standstill, there is no confusion, there is no hurry. The only action I would want to take is to sit, take a deep breath and live in that moment.

Img 4
Keeping the faith
Img 5
When the wind blows silently
Img 6
My humble host at Tabo village

I say to myself that this is just the beginning of a long journey. Sometimes, a moment of quietude can be an immense source of happiness. I trust that this land would never fail to inspire me and invigorate me.

And, I intend to cover many miles before I say goodbye.


Image 1
The Buddha in a meditative state at Langza Valley, Spiti (India). Altitude: 4400 m



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