Be like Walter Mitty. This travel movie is going to make your heart warm & fuzzy

Ever gone to a place, a world of your own fascinated by boundless dreams, flying so high so as to never fall back, to personify the character that embodies all the qualities you wish to have in real life? I know we all do from time to time. Don’t we all want to be the captain of the ship, steer and navigate the way we want?

The curiosities of our minds know no boundaries. And, it’s neither weird nor a trait of an eccentric. We do because it gives us a sense of accomplishment, we do because it gives us a sense of freedom, and of all it gives us happiness. 

Similar to what Walter Mitty experiences the moment he would “zone out” for seconds. He becomes one bold person he had always wished to be and his heroic acts would make the girl of his dreams fall in love with him. He is the real adventurer out there, jumping buildings, rescuing a pet and what not.

But, who is Walter Mitty?  He is not the enthusiastic hero who goes out to claim his space in this world fighting insurmountable odds. He is the hero portraying an ordinary life who soon discovers an extraordinary side of himself.

Walter Mitty is the main protagonist from the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. And, this movie is going to stay as one of my favorites for a long time. It’s been a while since I had last watched such a soulful, amusing movie. A movie that inspires you and leaves a deep impression in your mind. The vibrant soundtracks and the stunning landscapes stirred the wanderlust in me, asking me what am I doing sitting here. Shouldn’t I just go and explore? There is so much to see out there.

You see, this world is beautiful!

We are the daydreamers, explorers, who wants to experience the mind-blowing adventures in this lifetime.

We all are somewhat like Walter Mitty.

Although, Mr. Mitty soon found his way out, experiencing things that he wished to achieve in real life. But, many of us may not experience, we will only complain.

Of Courage

He discovered the courage to do things he feared and things he never ever dreamed of.

We fear so many things. There are things we have always wanted to do. Maybe you had once thought of doing a solo trip, summit the highest mountain, or probably mustering the courage to do the right thing when time had asked for it. But, how many of us could achieve even one tenth of that?

So, tell me, what are we going to do about itTo sit and just daydream? Because after a while, Mr. Mitty had stopped doing that. He gave himself a nudge and took action. 

To keep chasing

He kept chasing after a thing that became the decisive factor in his life. Out of desperation, he looked out for it. But, in the midst of chasing, he discovered himself. He saw himself doing things that he could only dream of.

To not let fear dampen my spirit, to seek out and keep chasing after the thing I really want. To never give up. There is so much to learn from this movie.

Testing the limits of the human spirit

This is not about inventing some cool machine. This is about beating the odds, overcoming obstacles and surviving to tell your stories. It’s about going beyond your comfort zone and finding out things about yourself that you never knew you had.

The audacity to go into the unknown takes huge courage.

And, this is what Mr. Mitty did. Striving continuously despite setbacks.

To start pushing and to take one step at a time, this will go a long way. One day after covering miles when we look back, we will find that our life has become extraordinary.

Watching this movie was no less than a beautiful experience. There are a handful of things that it teaches you, subtly and boldly. Only if you are ready to take those lessons.

If you haven’t watched it yet, I have to say- watch it!

With John Lenon’s Dream slightly fading away, I could only think of this vast, enchanting world and become this Adventurous, Bold and Creative (ABC) person just the way Walter Mitty did.

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